Storytelling Your Brand

You have a story to share. It’s a meaningful one that will educate, inspire, and make people jump into action. But how do you go from the copy on your website’s “About” tab to getting the kind of visibility that makes your brand scale, your cause gain support, or allows you to shine in your field of expertise?


Storytelling Your Brand empowers individuals and brands to get results and drive growth. 


Let’s face it; not everyone has an agency-sized budget or the means to manage an external team. So, does that mean stories should go untold? No way. 


During my tenure at a Forté PR, I have met brands and nonprofits with a talented in-house team and entrepreneurs, athletes, and authors who had the willingness to deliver stories to the media. Yet, they lacked the know-how about the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the media landscape. So, they watched as competitors got the spotlight.


With guidance and coaching to develop their storytelling muscles, these folks could be delivering impactful messages at just the right time to get the kind of coverage to support their broader goals. That’s why Storytelling Your Brand was created.


How Does it Work? 

Storytelling Your Brand is an empowering experience tailored to fit the goals and objectives of a brand, nonprofit, leader, author, or athlete. Whether you’re launching a new business or product, want to revise your brand’s story, or reach a wider audience through the media, Storytelling Your Brand will give you (and your team) the tools to get results. 


Through a combination of: 

– Workshop-style training via Zoom

– Ongoing coaching and development

– The creation and delivery of take-action tools like a PR plan, copy assessment, and media sources

You and your team will be empowered to pitch both evergreen and timely stories relevant to your industry and consumer media. You’ll learn how to position yourself or your company’s leadership as an industry expert and be able to respond to timely happenings to share your valuable perspective. 


While each Storytelling Your Brand experience is customized around the needs of the client, depending on their goals, by the end of a 6-month (or more) engagement, clients can walk away with:

  • An understanding of how to craft stories that get producers, editors, and reporters excited. Clients understand the difference between the advertising copy and a news story, so they present media with something juicy. 
  • Knowing how to identify the right person to pitch at an outlet and develop meaningful relationships, and position one’s brand or self as a trusted, go-to source.


  • Awareness that timing is everything, especially in the news. Clients learn how lead times vary by type of news outlet so they can deliver a story concept or event news at the right time to maximize the likelihood of being selected.


  • How to see the many stories within a story. Clients learn how to get maximum exposure for their brand or event while communicating key messages to different segments of their customer base.


  • Knowledge about the different press tools and how to develop materials and supporting assets that media appreciate.


  • The ability to leverage media exposure to support sales efforts, attract ideal clients and future employees, and standing out as an industry leader.


To schedule a complimentary consultation to see if Storytelling Your Brand is the solution for you and your team, email [email protected]